EuHIT European High-performance Infrastructures in Turbulence (2013-2017)

BTU participates in EUHIT. EuHIT is a consortium that aims at integrating cutting-edge European facilities for turbulence research across national boundaries, in order to significantly advance the competitive edge of European turbulence research with special focus on providing the knowledge for technological innovation and for addressing grand societal challenges.

Current members of EuHIT include 25 research institutes and 2 industrial partners from 10 European countries. Total 14 cutting-edge turbulence research infrastructures, most of which are developed on national funds and are run by EuHIT member institutes, consist the material basis of EuHIT. These infrastructures, together with the knowledge developed upon them, are interconnected by a Networking program and Joint Research Activities within EuHIT.

The present coordinator of EuHIT is Eberhard Bodenschatz (Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen, Germany), who is assisted by the Steering Committee and is overseen by the General Assembly.

Very briefly, our activities within EuHIT may be summarized as:

  • Integration: Not only the research activities at the infrastructures, but also the training programs, the sharing of data, and the interaction with numerical modelling and theoretical analyses, all will be integrated under EuHIT to facilitate access to the infrastructures and easy exchange of instruments, techniques, data, and new ideas.
  • Innovation: New techniques, algorithms, and next generation instruments will be developed through Joint Research Activities (JRAs) to maintain the EuHIT infrastructures at the leading edge.
  • Dissemination: New tools and procedures will be implemented to foster easy and open access to data and techniques developed from EuHIT, including the transfer of knowledge from academia to industries.