LIA-ISTROF: International Association Laboratory (LIA): Instabilities and Turbulence in Strato-Rotational Flows "ISTROF" (French-German co-operation)

The ISTROF laboratory aims to develop cooperative research on instabilities and transition to turbulence in flows with coupled rotation and stratification effects. The benefits of this cooperative research are the exchange of experimental strategies, theoretical and numerical tools of Fluid Mechanics and their applications in thermal science, geophysics, astrophysics and in various industrial areas. The project will reinforce the deep interaction between French and German specialists in fluid mechanics and may facilitate the construction of a European Research Network for future calls for proposals."

The main missions of the board of directors are :

  1. Definition of scientific orientations of the laboratory,
  2. Strengthening the joint experiments or simulations with different codes,
  3. Organization and planning of short-term and mid-term visits will be organized through different members. Priority will be given to the exchange of young researchers (postdocs and Ph.D students),
  4. Organization of international summer or winter schools, of European or international conferences on the main topics of the laboratory,
  5. Joint applications to national and international calls for proposals (ANR, DFG, FP8,...).

Meetings: At least one general meeting of the whole laboratory will be organized each year alternatively in France and in Germany. The scientific committee will have two meetings per year.