Dr. Lutz Philip Hecker

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Dr. Lutz Philip Hecker

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Field of Research

Econometric analysis of wastewater treatment and water supply regimes in developing and emerging countries, with focus on developing and emerging countries.

Curriculum Vitae

Researcher at the Chair of Environmental Economics, at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg

PhD Fellow of the Chair of Environmental Economics, BTU-Cottbus

  • Economics
  • (Advanced) Environmental Economics
  • Cost Benefit Analysis in Environmental Evaluation
  • Economics of Land and Biodiversity Conservation Management
  • Umweltökonomie, Ökonomik der Landnutzung und Wasserbewirtschaftung
  • Business Administration
  • Lutz Philip Hecker, Frank Wätzold et al. (2022): „Squeeze it or leave it? An ecological‑economic assessment of the impact of mower conditioners on arthropod populations in grassland“, Journal of Insect Conservation (Link)
  • Kati Kraehnert, Daniel Osberghaus, Christian Hott, Lemlem Teklegiorgis Habtemariam, Frank Wätzold, Lutz Philip Hecker and Svenja Fluhrer (2021): "Insurance Against Extreme Weather Events: An Overview", Review of Economics 72(2): 71–95 (Link)
  • Regina Neudert, Lutz Philip Hecker, Henintsoa Randrianarison & Susanne Kobbe (2020): Are smallholders disadvantaged by ‘double sell low, buy high’ dynamics on rural markets in Madagascar? Development Southern Africa. (Link)
  • Hecker, L. P., Wätzold, F., & Markwardt, G. (2020). Spotlight on Spatial Spillovers: An Econometric Analysis of Wastewater Treatment in Mexican Municipalities. Ecological Economics, 175, 106693. (Link)
  • Conference Presentation at the ECCB 2022 in Prag: "Cost-effectiveness of state-dependent versus state-independent agri-environment schemes for biodiversity conservation"
  • Presentation “Economic analysis of drivers of wastewater treatment in emerging countries” in Special Session 2 - The 6th IEEE Symposium on Analytics and Risk. 6. July, 2021, Beijing. (Link)
  • Conference Presentation:"Assessing cost-effectiveness advantages of state-dependent agri-environment schemes", presented at the 26th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists (EAERE 2021). June 23-25, 2021.
  • Workshop "Insektenverluste durch den Einsatz von Konditionierern bei der Behandlung von Mähgut", 1.12.2020, at the Alfred Toepfer Akademie für Naturschutz, organized by the project Insektgut / Dr. Lutz Philip Hecker.
  • Thematic Session at EAERE 2020: Kati Krähnert (Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research), Frank Wätzold and Lutz P. Hecker organized the session "Economics of climate change adaptation from a household perspective in developing countries"
  • Conference presentation by Lutz Philip Hecker: Spotlight on Spatial Environmental Policy Spillovers: An Econometric Analysis of Wastewater Treatment in Mexican Municipalities, EARERE 2019, 26.-29.6, Manchaster, UK.
  • Presentation by Lutz Philip Hecker: "Spotlight on spatial environmental policy spillovers: An econometric analysis of wastewater treatment in Mexican municipalities" at the Sustainability & Development Conference 2018 in Ann Arbor, USA, 09.-11. November 2018 (Link).
  • Presentation by Lutz Philip Hecker: "Open  research  questions in Economics  and  governance  of multifunctional  landscapes" at Workshop Future Landscapes - Integrated landscapes to promote ecosystem services and sustainable land-uses in agriculture, forestry and natural ecosystems in Southern Africa, Stellenbosch, South Africa, 23-28 September 2018.
  • Presentation of Lutz Philip Hecker on 4.5.2017: "What does it take to treat municipal wastewater in developing countries - An econometric analysis of Mexican municipalities" at INRA – AgroParisTech, Laboratoire d’Economie Forestière in Nancy, Frankreich
  • Key Note Speech by Lutz-Philip Hecker on "Análisis económico en la administración ambiental" at the conference "Primer Simposio de Administración Ambiental" at the Universidad Tecnológica de Pereira, Preira, Colombia at 27th October 2016.