GeoFlow I


11.-12. Juni 2009

Topical Team Meeting


BTU Cottbus
Siemens-Halske-Ring 14
D-03046 Cottbus


Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2009
13:00 UhrOpening
(Christoph Egbers, BTU Cottbus)
13:15 UhrGeoFlow I Experiment:
From Numerical Simulation to Experimental Data Evaluation
Part I: Overall Dynamics and First Data Identification
Part II: Numerical and Experimental Alignment
Part III: Preliminary Results of the Non-Rotating Case
(B. Futterer and S. Koch, BTU Cottbus) Discussions of Transfer of Path Following Methods to Low Rotating Case
(F. Feudel, University of Potsdam; L. Tuckerman, PMMH-EPSCI Paris; B. Futterer, BTU Cottbus)
14:40 UhrCoffee Break
15:00 UhrSchedules of European Programme for Life and Physical sciences and Applications Utilising the International Space Station (ELIPS) Research Pool:
Planning of GeoFlow Reflight
(S. Mazzoni and O. Minster, ESA Noordwijk)
15:30 UhrNumerical Benchmark on the Influence of Prandtl Number Effects for GeoFlow II
(A.-C. Plesa and D. Breuer, DLR Berlin)
16:30 UhrSide Walk from Fluid-Centrum to Audimax
17:00 UhrDies Academicus BTU Cottbus
followed by BTU Cottbus summer celebration
19:30 UhrDinner at Brasserie
Freitag, 12. Juni 2009
9:00 UhrOpening
(Christoph Egbers, BTU Cottbus)
09:35 UhrSummary of Mission GeoFlow I:
Lessons learnt and important facts for following FSL missions
(J. Brückner, A. Stöckert, C. Egbers, BTU Cottbus)
10:00 UhrCoffee Break
10:30 UhrParabolic Flight Campaign "Convection in a Cylinder" (PFC-CIC) Part I: Numerical Simulation (O. Crumeyrolle, M. Smieszek, I. Mutabazi, University of LeHavre)
Part II: Progress of Technical Hardware Set-up (N. Dahley, BTU Cottbus) including PFC-CIC Lab Tour
12:00 UhrLunch