Cryptography (4L, 2T) Dr. Mehlitz, M.Sc. Naif


In this lecture, we will deal with fundamental features from coding theory and cryptography as well as the underlying mathematical principles such as

  • Divisibility, Group Theory, Residue Class Rings, Complexity Theory
  • Unique Decodability
  • Block Codes
  • Cryptosystems (Classical Cryptosystems, DES, Public Key Cryptosystems)
  • Perfect Security and Quantum Key Distribution
  • Hash Functions and Digital Signatures
  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs

Associated Module: 11859

Previous Knowledge

Basic knowledge on analysis, linear algebra, and group theory as well as school mathematics


Please, register for this course via Moodle. Due to the rapid dissemination of the Corona-virus, it may happen that this course will be provided in a completely digital way. We will inform you via Moodle.

Assignment Sheets and (Voluntary) Homework

During the semester, the assignment sheets which will be discussed in the tutorial as well as voluntary homework will be provided here as well as on the Moodle pages associated with this course.


There will be a written re-examination during February/March 2021. We will keep you posted here.


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