Imagebased Assays - Medical Bioinformatics

The Medical and Statistical Bioinformatics utilizes computer technology to manage and analyze information in the life and health sciences. Both our research teaching provides a balanced treatment of statistical theory in the context of medical bioinformatics applications. Our team integrates university research with industrial collaborations to accelerate the knowledge gathering the life science and health science industries.


For research and diagnostics processing multiple targets within one reaction in an automatic fashion is a demanded feature. Combining two multiplex read out technologies, such as microarray, microbeads and microfluidics, the VideoScan platform was designed. This microscope imaging technology enables an automatable high throughput multiplex measurement of genetic material from biological and patient samples.

dPCR and qPCR

Recently, we started a unified cross-platform software frame-work, designated "dpcR." Our target user base is deliberately broad, including end users in clinics, academics, developers and educators. dpcR provides a means to understand how digital PCR works, to design and analyze experiments, and to spot potential troubles. Our framework is suitable for teaching and includes references for an elaborated methods set for dPCR statistics. The presentation will showcase customized applications of the dpcR package including a remote browser application and a standalone desktop application.

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