GeoFlow II


Technical processing

For achieving the objectives and analogue to GeoFlow-I, the so called experiment flow plan was refurbished including now also the reference for the working environment. All other procedures were ‘re-used’: splitting in so called Runs and Downloads, furthermore allocation of the Runs with priority levels. With this inputs the Spanish User Support and Operations Center in Madrid (E-USOC) refurbished (in co-operation with EADS Astrium GmbH, Friedrichshafen, Germany) the Experiment Protocol (EP) for the specific Runs to operate the EC on orbit. After each Run next step was the Download (of telemetry and images, as well as microgravity data) from ISS via German COLUMBUS Control Center (COL-CC), Italian Microgravity Advanced Research and Support Center Naples, E-USOC to BTU Cottbus.

From a planned number of 2x19 Runs (Run 1-19, priority 1-5, Wollaston position II and priority 6-10, Wollaston position I) all set-points were performed! Downloading and decompressing the data (images from measurement technique and telemetry from experiment protocol, as well as microgravity data) delivered error rates less than 1%! Errors correspond to corrupted images not usable for scientific evaluation. Now there exists the following statistics: 236.136 images from 58 number of Runs (including repeated Runs/set-points) on 74 experiment days i.e. 263,5 GB over-all with 182,5 GB Images and 4 GB Telemetry, 21,5 GB MVIS, 14,5 GB familiarization, 25 GB MMA, 16 GB SAMS.


MMA - Microgravity measurement assembly (Eilers & Hofer, Act. Astronaut. 19,1989) MVIS - FSL Microgravity Vibration Isolation System ( SAMS - Space Acceleration Measurement System