On Methodologies

Lecturers: Dr. Christa Kamleithner and Albrecht Wiesener

Start: 19 April 2022, 3.30 pm, LG 2D 109

How is evidence produced? How do we deal with data? What are our methodologies – and what are their possibilities and limitations? The seminar attempts to bring together the various methods used in the DFG Research Training Group 1913, ranging from archival work and discourse analysis to building research and reverse engineering. Building on the discussions in the seminars “Sources of Architectural History” and “Heritage and History. Critical Engagements,” we will consider the accuracy of data collections, their seeming neutrality, and the side effects and political implications that are already inherent in defining a research subject.

The seminar, which includes a reading circle as well as individual support, accompanies the workshop seminar of the DFG Research Training Group 1913 and is aimed at the doctoral students and postdoc-researchers of this group. The reading circle starts on 19 April 2022, 3.30pm, in building 2D, room 109, and will be held on a hybrid basis as needed.

Literature, i.a.: Aggregate – Architectural History Collaborative, Writing Architectural History: Evidence and Narrative in the Twenty-First Century, Pittsburgh 2021; Ines Weizman (ed.), Dust & Data: Traces of the Bauhaus across 100 Years, Leipzig 2019.