Essentials of Grant Proposal Writing

Lecturer: Sophie Thorak

Thursday 9:30 - 13:00, Begin 29 April 2021, online

This module ranges over two semesters and targets PhD Students of Heritage Studies & Environmental Resource Management. It will help them gain helpful insight on different types of project and research funding, emphasizing the importance of third party funding for their further careers. Students will learn to research and identify suitable funding organizations, their aims, contents and methods that are relevant for the further development of their respective field of
research. Networking soft skills, such as establishing contacts and building networks, that are of relevance for institutionalizing their research are also part of the course. Furthermore, the students will develop the capacity to advance their own research by learning about the methodology of grant proposal writing.

While the sessions of the first semester will focus on funding types and institutions, giving an overview on this important aspect of scientific practice, the second semester will be dedicated mainly to the preparation of a first version of a grant proposal.