Writing Museum Architecture and Exhibition Design Free term paper on the History and Theory of Museum Architecture and Exhibition Design

»Writing Architecture«, which goes back to the architect Peter Eisenman, does not only mean writing about architecture, but also admits that »writing architecture« has an architectural constituting character. Discourse and architecture, practice and theory are dialectically related to each other. The free work is also to be understood in this sense. It serves as a critical examination of Museum Architecture and Exhibition Design and at the same time offers the opportunity to deepen a topic of one's own choice from the field in the humanities. This can involve analyses and interpretations of museum and exhibition buildings or an examination of theories, models of thought and discourses. Students are individually supported and supervised in their choice of topic and in the execution of their work. Particular emphasis is placed on the development of a research question and the presentation of evidence in the form of a stringent, well-argued text. The basis for this is solid research and evaluation of the relevant sources (archival records, literature) as well as the state of research and the classification of the object of investigation in the historical and ideological-historical context.

Wednesday, 19 April 2023, 10.00 a.m., room to be announced.
For this event, you should briefly present (2-3 slides) the topic you would like to work on.

1. short presentation of the topic on 19 April 2023
2. write a research paper on the topic of the term paper by 3 May 2023
3. write abstract/short expose on the free term paper by 17 May 2023
4. interim presentation of the work status on 17 June 2023
5. independent writing of the term paper on a topic of your own choice by 30 September 2023

Requirements for the term paper
            Title page (with name, matriculation number, address and email of the author)
            Table of contents with page numbers
            Text with illustrations and figure legends
            Appendix (list of sources, bibliography and figures)
             At least 50,000 characters (incl. spaces, without appendix and footnotes).
Form of submission:
            one printed copy
            in addition, digital submission as Word and PDF by email
            30 September 2023

Main Lecturer
Sylvia Claus