Study Programmes

International International
Dual study-work programme Dual

Architecture, Civil Engineering and Urban Planning

Heritage Conservation and Site Management M.A. International
Heritage Studies Ph.D. International
Urban Design - Revitalization of Historic City Districts M.Sc. International
World Heritage Studies M.A. International

Environmental and Natural Sciences

Biotechnology M.Sc. International
Environmental and Resource Management B.Sc. International
Environmental and Resource Management M.Sc. International
Environmental and Resource Management Ph.D. International
Euro Hydroinformatics and Water Management M.Sc. International

Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Energy Systems

Power Engineering M.Sc. International
Power Engineering Ph.D. International
Transfers-Fluids-Materials in Aeronautical and Space Applications M.Sc. International

STEM - Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Information Technology

Artificial Intelligence M.Sc. International
Cognitive and Dependable Systems Ph.D. International
Cyber Security M.Sc. International
Physics M.Sc. International


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